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Discover Japan Brands you don't know yet!


HAKU collects items from many Japanese brands. From popular denim brands to newly born brands and hidden brands known by those in the know, we have a lot to offer.

In May, we will pick up a brand's products every week. We are running a 10% discount campaign on the selected items, so be sure to check it out!


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Debuted in 1994 as the hemp line of the denim brand "Go West". They have taken the ART OF HEM and became the first brand in Japan to focus on the eco-material "hemp" which has attracted a cult following. While they promote the many benefits of hemp as a material, their mission is to show that eco-fashion does by no means have to be boring.
Go Hemp's fuses ethical production with contemporary and unique designs that make you feel good and look good at the same time.

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Established to offer something distinclty different, HARVESTY debuted with a clear vision: to enrich the everyday lives of its wearers through clothing that transcends simple categorization. Founded on the principles of simplicity, flexibility, and a touch of playfulness, HARVESTY caters to the sophisticated adult who values both style and comfort. Their collections seamlessly blend into the flow of daily life, offering enduring wardrobe staples characterized by a refined sense of relaxed luxury.

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Experience the art of hat-making in southwestern Okayama Prefecture, Japan, with HIGHER. Rooted in the constant pursuit of excellence, the brand's name embodies the aspiration to always aim "higher". Each meticulously crafted HIGHER hat reflects their dedication to bringing smiles to people's faces. They pour love into every stitch, ensuring every hat is a masterpiece. Elevate your style and spirit with HIGHER and experience headwear like no other.

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The brainchild Yutaka Goto has been around since 2008 and combines the words Remix and Relief. Remi Relief creates unique pieces that can easily be 'remixed' with garments you own and help you to relief yourself of superfluous pieces.
Inspired by Californian skater and surfer culture, the brand offers high quality fabrics and expert construction to deliver a fresh and luxurious take on its subculture-inspired roots.
Despite the the painstaking amount of research that goes into every single garment, Remi Relief maintains a laid-back vibe perfect for every occasion.

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The fashion brand SON OF THE CHEESE has an interesting story. Their unique designs are born from a vibrant community space on Meguro-dori, next to Claska, which was envisioned by Kaito Yamato in 2011. This project was originally conceived as something quite rare for Japan: an urban pool skating hub! It's this unique subcultural setup that inspires the brand's eclectic apparel, blending skate culture with creative local influences. Today, SON OF THE CHEESE is not just a fashion label but a symbol of community and innovation.