We are haku clothing

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It’s been a wild journey so far and it all began almost 20 years ago when we opened our shop in Osaka in 2004 under the brand "ROCOCO".
All of us had worked in sales, management, and as buyers in different Japanese stores all focused on American vintage clothing. We loved curating and selecting cool brands and garments for our customers so at that point we decided to launch our own store. And so put all of our experience together and opened up a shop in our home town of Osaka, one of Japan’s most vibrant cities.

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Our philosophy has always been that quality comes first.

For us, all good things share a certain DNA when it comes to materials and attention to detail. Quality ages well, that is something we learnt from years of working with American vintage clothing.

We consider our store to be a treasure chest filled with good stuff, quality items that we believe will be tomorrow’s vintage.
We are proud to say that we achieved a cult following for our selection of brands in Japan and we received more and more orders from overseas.

Therefore, we opened our global website haku clothing in 2022.

For us, style is life.
The name for our store expresses precisely that.
haku means "white" in Japanese and white is a special color in japan.
We wear white when we are born.
We wear white when we die.
no other color represents life more than white. We are haku clothing and we want to offer you things that can be worn forever.
Whatever you pick from our store will grow with you, will change with you, and will always be your second skin wherever your life takes you.

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We carry many Japanese brands so that you experience a visit to our Osaka store without having to travel 1000s of miles.
Our Japanese brands offer garments that are based on unique and often ancient Japanese techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation.
The beauty of Japanese brands is also that they reinterpret influences from all over the world so our offerings are constantly evolving.

A lot of these brands are hard to find outside of Japan and we hope to be a gateway for all our international customers to explore the riches of Japanese style.

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In Japan, there is a word called 'Omotenashi'.
Omotenashi is traditional Japanese hospitality in the most dedicated, refined and elegant manners.
We believe it is important to bring the spirit of Omotenashi together with great products.

Our mission

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Japan was a major producer of clothing after the Second World War, but now the production base has moved to other countries. Yet, Japan had many unique traditional manufacturing techniques, but these disappear slowly as the years progress.

Our desire is to contribute by delivering products made in Japan to customers around the world so that we can pass on these skills to future generations, one garment at a time.

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Please enjoy your visit at haku clothing