we are haku clothing


modern curators

ever since we launched our store in osaka 10 years ago, we have had one mission: to allow everyone to look their best. something we learned from the many visitors that come to our store in japan is that we might all speak different languages, but we connect in our shared passion for timeless style.

our values

we do not believe in fashion, we believe in forms and functions. we live by three simple standards:

knowledge: everything in our store is made by real craftsmen who carefully select the materials and assemble what you wear, often with their bare hands. We encourage you to delve into the history that goes into every single garment, shoe, and accessory we carry.

choice: we have handpicked the finest pieces japan and the world have to offer. find the right item for you that suits you, your body type, your feelings, your skin. we are certain that we have the right piece for you.

fits: a fit is not just putting together an outfit, it’s a form of expressing who you are, how you feel, what you believe. our pieces are versatile and built to last. everything we carry is meant to stay in your rotation for as long as possible and adapt to your lifestyle.

what’s in a name?

for us, style is life. the name for our store expresses precisely that. haku means "white" in japanese and white is a special color in japan. 

we wear white when we are born. we wear white when we die. no other color represents life more than white.

we are haku-clothing and we offer you things that can be worn forever. whatever you pick from our store will grow with you, will change with you, and will always be your second skin wherever your life takes you.

know haku, choose haku, wear haku.