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haku-clothing's hero brands

Let us introduce you to some of our favorite brands.

We have worked with them for many years and can personally attest to the quality and care that goes into every single garment.

We love what they do and we are sure you will do too!

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FOB Factory

Born in 1995, F.O.B FACTORY is located in Southern Okayama Prefecture, in the city of Kurashiki, and has been offering an essential, rugged and hard-wearing collections.
They are famed for going the extra mile, for instance they hand wash each single garment to create texture and feel of a vintage-inspired clothing.
Their collections are inspired by workwear, military and denim. All made to last and enrich your wardrobe for years.

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Founded in 2010 by Hiroki Kishimoto, Japan Blue makes the most of the rich textile production of their parent company, Collect Mills.
Located in Kojima, in the Okayama Prefecture, which is world-renowned for its denim.
Japan Blue is always trying to innovate their collections by combining vintage inspirational pieces, with new cutting edge production processes which are resource-conserving and environmentally friendly.

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The brainchild Yutaka Goto has been around since 2008 and combines the words Remix and Relief.
Remi Relief creates unique pieces that can easily be 'remixed' with garments you own and help you to relief yourself of superfluous pieces.
Inspired by Californian skater and surfer culture, the brand offers high quality fabrics and expert construction to deliver a fresh and luxurious take on its subculture-inspired roots.
Despite the the painstaking amount of research that goes into every single garment, Remi Relief maintains a laid-back vibe perfect for every occasion.

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Established in 1997, Good On have followed on simple mission: to make the best t-shirts known to mankind.
Inspired by the high quality clothing made in the United States before the age of mass consumption, Good On source its cotton from the US but produce all their garments in Japan.
The diverse texturing and dye methods make each product one of a kind.
The outstanding quality and timeless design allows for tees that will last for ever and just get better with age.

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Debuted in 1994 as the hemp line of the denim brand "Go West".
They have taken the ART OF HEM and became the first brand in Japan to focus on the eco-material "hemp" which has attracted a cult following.
While they promote the many benefits of hemp as a material, their mission is to show that eco-fashion does by no means have to be boring.
Go Hemp's fuses ethical production with contemporary and unique designs that make you feel good and look good at the same time.